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198 miles from Calais (3 hours 15 mins by sat nav)

105 miles from Dieppe (2 hours 5 mins by sat nav)

66 miles from Le Havre (1 hour 12 mins by sat nav)


If using a sat nav, type in the post code 27250, Rugles, Normandy. This will take you to the main road that passes the main entrance to the lake.

Directions to Wintons France


There are toll charges on these routes, which currently add up to about £10

Speed limits

130kph (80mph) on a dry motorway, 110kph (68mph) in the rain, 80kph (50mph) on country roads, 50kph (30mph) through towns and villages. There are several speed cameras along these routes, local police often use speed guns in the towns and country roads.

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