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  1. The use of fish-flavoured bait is not recommended. Nut, fruit, citrus and coconut flavours (sweet baits) seem to be far more productive.

  2. It is advisable to bring a baitboat if possible, as there are many good fishing spots in each swim that are not easily reachable casting.

  3. Spodding bait out is permitted, although this method of getting bait into the lake is not advisable as it seems to spook the fish away. Baitboat, catapult and throwing stick is a better way.

  4. Ronnie rigs in the margins is preferable and most bottom bait rigs work well in open water.

  5. Fluorocarbon main line has its advantages here as the lakebed has many undulations and gravel bars. This will result in less line bites and the spooking of fish.

  6. Bring some drinking water as the tap water at the fishery is not suitable for drinking.

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