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  1. Anglers arriving for their weeks fishing will not be admitted before 1pm. The draw for the swims (if required) will take place at 2pm after everyone has had the opportunity to walk around the lake and chat to bailiffs.

  2. Please do not bring any nuts or particles onto the fishery.

  3. Three rods maximum per angler, to be used in 1 swim only.

  4. No fish are to be taken off of the fishery or out of your swim under no circumstances.

  5. We record the growth rate and the stock of our fish as accurately as possible. Please ensure that all fish are weighed and photographed from both sides, whatever the size and then report the catch to the bailiff.

  6. Please drive around the lake in a sensible manor, unload your fishing gear in your chosen swim and then park your vehicle in the car park.

  7. Toilet and showers are available at the chalet for your use. Please keep them clean and tidy. Defecating in the bushes and peeing in your swim will not be tolerated.

  8. No fires or ground based BBq's are permitted.

  9. Please do not cut back any vegetation or tree branches without the bailiff's permission.

  10. Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated. Those found intoxicated will be removed from the fishery immediately without a refund.

  11. Bait boats are allowed and are to be used with consideration for other anglers, as are chest waders. There is to be no swimming or bathing in the lake.

  12. Please do not throw away any un-used bait into the lake at the end of your week. The bailiff will dispose of this for you.

  13. All rubbish must be separated for recycling; swims must be left clean and tidy.

  14. Anglers must leave the lake by 10am on the Satuday morning after their weeks fishing. All monies owing will be settled on the Friday evening.

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